Terms and Conditions.





All Quotes are valid for 30 days.

All Bookings are required to be made in writing.

No Bookings / Orders will be accepted within 72 hours of an event / order.

All Bookings / Quotes remain tentative until payment in made in full or deposit of an agreed amount has been made. If no payment has been made after seven (7) days, the date will be released to the public. 

Any further submissions / alterations to the original order, dietary requirements or special requests need to be submitted in writing. We will not accept any further amendments within 72 hours of the event.

WOODBROOK COOKERY Pty Ltd. can hold a date for you with a deposit. This deposit becomes non-refundable after one (1) week.  

Menus may vary with style and produce availability due to suppliers / season.


Payment is to be made in full before the agreed date of service / delivery.

We reserve the right to cancel the booking / order if payment has not been made in full.

For larger events, 50% of the total invoice amount is to be paid two (2) months prior the date of the event. Final payment is to be paid two (2) weeks before the event.

Account Customers have (7) seven days to pay. 

WOODBROOK COOKERY Pty Ltd. does not disclose Customer’s Details, Quotes, Deposits, Invoices or Payments other than with the parties involved. 

All prices are inclusive of GST.


All cancellations are required to be made in writing.

Any cancellations within 24 hours of an event / order require the total invoice amount kept / charged as a cancellation fee.

For larger events, any cancellations within one (1) month of an event / order 50% of the total invoice amount is to be kept / charged as a cancellation fee. Any cancellations within one (1) week of an event / order the total invoice amount is to be kept / charged as a cancellation fee.


We reserve the right to discard / not serve any food that we think compromises ACT Health Food and Service standards.

We take no responsibility for any food or product that has not been prepared, stored, transported, reheated by a person employed by WOODBROOK COOKERY Pty Ltd.

WOODBROOK COOKERY Pty Ltd. takes no responsibility for any losses or damages. 



All Venues / Locations must have the suitable requirements for Woodbrook to hold an event. This can be confirmed in the site inspection. Any changes after the site inspection must be advised to Woodbrook.  

All outdoor events require a wet weather plan with the initial consultation. A suitable area / space / venue will need to be agreed on together with Woodbrook. In the event of bad weather, a decision is required to be made 72 hours before the date of the event. Customers are responsible for any additional costs that may be incurred.

We reserve the right to cancel the event / order if we think the arrangement compromises the Health and / or Safety of our Staff / Practices.


Any relevant / requested documents require to be submitted two (2) weeks before the event. This includes but not restricted to Runsheet, Seating Plan, Allergies, Room Setup, etc. Any alterations to these documents after this period must be flagged / discussed with the relevant Woodbrook employee and approved. Any alternations will not be accepted within 72 hours of an event.

Documents must have all details discussed in legible format.


WOODBROOK COOKERY Pty Ltd Service Staff are hired to patriciate in Front of House duties including service of Food and Drink in their rostered times. Anything in addition to this needs to be approved prior to the event with the Manager / Owners. We reserve the right to decline any requests on the day of the event.

Woodbrook Service Staff will not participate in anything that may compromise their Health and / or Safety.

Woodbrook will be the final determinate in staffing for any event including the requirement of a supervisor. We reserve the right to decline any Service Staff for an event if the requirements aren’t met

Service Staff require to arrive thirty (30) minutes prior to any event to be briefed on Service and Safety Procedures specific to the location. This is to be charged to the Customer.

All shifts are to be at charged at a three (3) hour minimum.

Any event that is thirty (30) minutes outside the CBD is to be charged at a four (4) hour minimum.

Travel done by Service Staff / Employees to remote places, travel time is charged for all sites 45 minutes outside of the CBD.

Any staff member that works more than 5 hours requires a staff meal. This is to be charged to the customer.

If any additional hours to the rostered times are worked, the customer is to be charged accordingly the following week which is to be paid immediately. If any Service Staff work past Midnight on any given day, they are to be charged at 1.5 times the hourly rate to the customer. 


Woodbrook will be the final determinate for the kitchen equipment for any event. We reserve the right to decline the usage of current equipment on the premises.  

All platters, crockery, cutlery, glassware, decorations, linen and catering equipment remain the property of WOODBROOK COOKERY Pty Ltd.  

All equipment is to be returned clean and in working order, cleaning fees will apply if items returned dirty. Breakages, non-returns or damaged goods will be charged to the client.